Origin Art Gallery

6610 Folsom Auburn Road #1, Folsom, CA 95630

Business Hours:    7 days a week, 11am - 7pm         Phone Number:     (916) 597-2108

Origin, a house of honest beginnings. A house built upon the necessary knowledge in which we believe to be most important in our growth as artists, individuals, and as a family. We specialize in the craft of tattooing, the passion of art, and the commitment to the human experience. Origin holds a focus on the importance of not only creating  quality art, but valuing the opportunity we have at connecting with each other.

Origin is an experience. A physical space constructed with intention. Fulfilling a purpose to promote the endless possibilities of beauty, appreciation, and talent inside us all. We seek to shape the boundaries and collapse the walls, revealing only truth.

Art is love, and love, is genuine human interaction.


our Sacred Craft


display of imagination


World of love

How I dreamed to know these feelings. The feelings of today’s promise and tomorrow’s potential. Captivated by the environment of love, respect, and passion Origin provides. Fascinated by the foundational fundamentals, grateful for our family, and forever thankful for our beautiful community of clientele and followers.
— Origin Owner & Tattooist: Nicholas Black