Friday the 13th

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3 artists:    25 designs each:    75 designs total

For this Friday the 13th at Origin Art Gallery, we have taken the time to create an awesome day set to be as enjoyable and efficient as possible. We have set in place the following system and rules to familiarize yourselves with, so we can all work together to accomplish a bad ass day of tattooing!

  • Doors open at 11am

  • First in line will get first pick, second in line will get second, third will get third, and so on... This will also dictate the order in which you will be tattooed. 

  • $20 Tattoo!!! ($13 + $7 tip for good luck)

  • ONLY 75 designs available, each to be selected to be tattooed only ONE TIME

  • NO design changes, NO color (black only), NO custom designs, and NO EXCEPTIONS

  • When all available designs have been chosen, that's that! The first 75 people to arrive will be the lucky recipients of our Friday the 13th special!