Origin Tattoo

A deeper look into our sacred craft.

A breath of life, a moment of honesty, a commitment to trust - the client and their tattoo artist. A relationship unique in its nature. Genuine in its craftsmanship. Transparent in its perception. A mutual respect shared between two individuals, two friends, two strangers. Amazingly finding a connection with each other rooted deeply in their attraction to the art. Consumed by the imaginative possibilities of what the artistic mind has to offer. Reliant upon the collaboration, propelled through its potential, the foundation of these relationships grows up from those roots of self expression. 

There seems to be an established exclusivity to this experience. A sense of belonging as if necessary to be granted permission in gaining entrance to a space of selfless involvement. Origin denies these limitations. We choose to promote a space of grateful existence, finding tangible truth through this approach. The energies of this atmosphere are undoubtedly fundamental in maintaining our creative flow and its exceptional level of comfortability. 

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The art is our bond. The art is our ability to open up, to shed the fear, to exist in truth. Allowing the purest forms of passion to move our hands and inspire our minds. Taking your ideas, your inspirations, and your stories, to create an honest, visual representation of real emotion. We have set what can only be described as an infinite intention. Giving all of ourselves, everything inside of us, to ensure an absolutely beautiful, life lasting, custom piece of tattoo art. Acknowledging the blessing we have as the artist to have forever changed the appearance of one more unique soul. Understanding that this intimacy has joined us now and for always. Our art is the origin of this archetypal love, and we will never take that for granted.